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About the Artist


     My paintings and drawings are a visual communication of personal history.  Each is drawn from a place and time in my life.  The dialogue begins with the first mark on the surface.  While the color sets the mood the marks and shapes tell the story.  The conversation is personal and sincere allowing the viewer to feel versus see my experience.  Stripping the object from the paintings allows my voice to be heard more clearly. 

     The surface is an active participant in the painting.  Allowing small glimpses of the untouched space acknowledges the autonomy of the surface to the finished work. Multiple layers of paint energetically pulled and pushed lay juxtaposed to transparent passages.  These initial passages, fresh yet fragile, represent my first memories and allow me to share that vulnerability with the viewer.


"The only way an artist can communicate with the world at large is on the level of feeling"...... Howard Hodgkin


Eileen Power lives and works from her studio in Atlanta, Ga.  She continues to work with Chery Baird, her teacher of many years.



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